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Irrigation Meters
Installing an irrigation meter could save you money on your sewer bill. With an irrigation meter, any water used to sprinkle your lawn and/or garden will be metered separately and will not be charged sewer fees.

Beginning in January 2009, Mallory Valley will no longer allow leak adjustments for irrigation systems.

Residential Irrigation Meters

You will first be required to pay fees and complete any required paperwork. Please call our office to obtain the cost. Once these fees are paid, our service technicians will make the tap into the service line and set your new meter. At that point, you will begin receiving a monthly billing statement from Mallory Valley each month that includes both your domestic meter and your irrigation meter. Sewer charges will apply to your domestic meter, but not your new irrigation meter. In addition, minimum bills will apply during the months your irrigation meter is not in use.

Commercial Irrigation Meters

There is no application or service contract to complete, but fees must be paid. Please call our office to obtain the cost. Mallory Valley does not sell or supply commercial irrigation meters. Once these fees are paid to Mallory Valley, you will need to contact a professional to purchase the irrigation meter and make the tap into your service line. Mallory Valley must be contacted when the tap is made and the meter is set so that we can inspect the work. Once a member of Mallory Valley's maintenance staff has approved the tap and meter, you will be able to use your new irrigation meter!

For Commercial irrigation meters, a site utility plan showing the proposed location of the irrigation meter and reduced pressure backflow preventer is required.

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