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Continuous Usage

Address “Continuous Usage Notices” right away!

Did you know that your water meter knows when there’s continuous usage? Putting this smart technology to good use, we have begun a continuous usage notification process to help you find and fix any potential leaks right away.

How does your meter work?

It works like this: your meter is equipped with a radio transmitter that we read once every month to generate your bill. During the data download, the meter transmits an alert when it has registered a period of at least 24 hours of continuous use-which usually indicates a water leak. If your meter sends this alert, MVUD will send a Maintenance Technician to visually inspect the meter for any problems. If the meter has usage while present, the Technician will knock on your door to notify you, or they will leave this flyer attached to a door tag on the front door.

What does our continuous usage notification process mean for you?

This is good news for you!

Finding and fixing these potential leaks early can save you a great deal of money, as we've learned through many positive customer responses to this process. We encourage all of our customers to investigate any potential leaks right away. The up-front costs of making repairs will actually end up saving you money down the road as the water use steadily increases.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the continuous usage notification program – 615.628.0237

Continuous Usage FAQS:

Could the meter be wrong?

Our Maintenance Technicians checked your meter when they were out today. Once a month, our office team also monitors your account and will notify you if unusual usage is detected. We also investigate any error codes, but these are rare.

Where should I look first?

  • Check your toilets. This is the most common home leak and can add hundreds of dollars to your bill – don’t flush it down the drain! Try adding food coloring to the water in the toilet tank, if the color makes it into the bowl on its own without flushing, then the toilet valve is leaking.
  • Hot water heaters
  • Interior and exterior faucets
  • Crawl space
  • Walk your yard to check for wet areas

If these areas all look OK, you may need a pro to help you find it.

Does MVUD have a leak adjustment policy?

See our leak adjustment policy. It does not apply to irrigation leaks.

Where can I find water conservation tips?

Visit our water conservation page for lots of ways to save!


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