Temporary Water Meter Rental Agreement
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Deposit All Meters                   $2000.00
Connection Service Fee          $60.00

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Request for Temporary meters larger than 1” must be accompanied by flow demand calculations. This request must meet the meter demand and accuracy calculations and must be approved by MVUD. Standard temporary meter size is 3/4” or 1”.

The Customer understands and agrees to the following:

  1. The Customer agrees to notify MVUD should these uses or the project change. The meter shall only be used for the approved job and purposes applied for. The Customer or their representative must contact MVUD and complete a new agreement to request a change of location to a different fire hydrant. Please be aware that a fine of up to $500.00 will be levied if a fire hydrant is used that was not assigned.

  2. The Customer further agrees MVUD is authorized to install or remove the meter and that MVUD will remove the meter from the assigned fire hydrant when agreement is violated, completed, if meter has not been used in 6 months, or any time deemed necessary.

  3. Customer agree to pay $60.00 non-refundable connection service fee per meter.

  4. Customer agrees to pay the required deposit of two thousand dollars ($2,000) per water meter. Once the meter has been returned in good working order, hydrant(s) inspection is satisfactory, and the Customer's account is in good standing, any remaining deposit will be returned to the Customer.

  5. The Customer agrees that if the District is under Emergency Drought condition/stages, water retrieved from the fire hydrant shall be used only as permitted by the Districts emergency plan.

  6. An air gap separation or backflow preventer must be maintained at all times when filling tanks or attaching to non -approved systems. A backflow preventer shall be used to protect the integrity of existing distribution line. MVUD will supply the fire hydrant meter only. It will be the Customers responsibility to apply all fittings and connections after the meter, including any required backflow preventer assemblies.

  7. It is the Customer’s responsibility to notify Mallory Valley personnel of any water leaks on the meter, distribution lines or fire hydrant.

  8. Customer must notify MVUD immediately if the meter is stolen, vandalized or otherwise tampered with.

  9. Customer agrees to make the meter available for reading, inspections, and testing at all times.

  10. Any abuse or misuse of the meter, fire hydrant or distribution lines will result in an immediate revocation of the meter and water privileges and subject to charges for repairs, fines, and/or replacement

  11. The meter must be used by the assigned customer only, employees of the customer must understand and comply with the requirements in this agreement. Attached and incorporated into this Agreement are a copy of the Hydrant Meter Procedures.

  12. All accounts are billed for water using the District’s current rates. Customer will be billed monthly for water usage, including a minimum bill charge when applicable. Failure to receive a billing statement does not release the customer from payment obligation. Late fees will be applied to outstanding charges not paid by the due date. In the event a meter reading cannot be obtained or if the meter is found to be defective, the amount of water used and billed will be adjusted by the District by using meter readings and water usage from a period of similar service or if none exists then the District will adjust water usage using the best information available.

  13. Any damages to the fire hydrant, water meter or other MVUD property and/or any fines imposed will be charged to the customer or taken from the hydrant meter deposit. Should any problems occur, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the proper MVUD personnel. Damage, repairs and/or equipment replacement will result in loss of all or part of the meter deposit fee and/or additional charges, as determined by the District. In some circumstances, failure to properly utilize the temporary water meter may result in the confiscation of the temporary water meter, loss of the deposit, and additional meter tampering penalties.

  14. If customer is negligent in the use of the temporary water meter, Mallory Valley Utility District will confiscate the meter without notice. If use of the temporary water meter is revoked for any reason, the deposit will not be returned. Customer will abide by all Mallory Valley Utility District Rules and Regulations, Technical specifications, and temporary water meter agreement.

  15. The Customer must call for a final inspection of fire hydrant and the meter when the meter is no longer needed for the approved project/use. After the completion of the final inspection, of the fire hydrant and the meter, the District will conduct a final reading and remove the assigned meter. An invoice or billing will be sent to the Customer on final reading and amounts due.

As the assigned customer of the water meter, I fully understand and agree to the requirements for temporary fire hydrant water services.

Temporary Water Service from Fire Hydrant(s) Procedures

  1. Customer must complete and submit the Agreement at MVUD office. Once submitted, staff will contact the customer within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) to schedule the assignment of the hydrant and the installation and inspection of the meter.

  2. Customer must indicate the uses of water from the hydrant. Customer’s water use must meet potable water requirements.

  3. A MVUD employee will instruct customer on the fire hydrant’s operation as follows:
                         a. The meter will be mounted and locked on a side outlet and have a gate or ball valve to control the flow of water.

                         b. It is very important that the hydrant is operated in a safe and responsible manner, which will prevent damage to the water lines,
                             blockage, and any operation that may cause turbid water to be introduced into the system.
                         c. Fire hydrants shall only be opened to the FULL ON OR FULL OFF position. The hydrant
                             will be left open during use; the gate valve mounted on the meter will control the flow.
                             Fire hydrant should be turned off when the meter is not being used.
                         d. Opening and closing the hydrant must be done very slowly to avoid potential water hammer effects.

                         e. Customer must provide protection, enclosures must be built or installed around the meter assembly
                             to protect meter and hydrant from freezing but also granting inspection access. No wrapping of
                             meter will be allowed.

                         f. An air gap separation or backflow preventer must be maintained at all times when filling
                            tanks or attaching to non-approved systems. A backflow preventer shall be used to protect
                            the integrity of existing distribution lines.Mallory Valley will supply fire hydrant meter only.
                            It will be the Customer's responsibility to supply all fittings and connections after the meter,
                            including any required backflow preventer assemblies. Customer must support the temp
                            meter so that the weight is not resting on the hydrant connection

      4.  The fire hydrants should be kept visible and clear of any obstructions such as weeds or other debris at all times.

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