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Automatic Bank Draft

Did I Pay My Water Bill?

No more late fees.

No more reconnection charges.

No more hassle.


Signing up for this free service is simple.  The District will draft your checking account on the 1st business day of each month.  Please click here to print the Bank Draft Authorization form.  Complete this form and return it to our office along with a voided check from your checking account.  You will continue to receive your monthly billing statement at least 10 days before the scheduled bank draft.  This process gives you plenty of time to review your bill and your checking account before the scheduled draft will occur.

Once you have submitted your request and paperwork to our office, please allow 30 days for the bank draft service to begin.  If there is more than one person named on your checking account, we will need their signature on the authorization form too. Questions?  Call our office and we will be glad to help!  615-628-0237

Need to cancel your bank draft?  Click here