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If you experience a water leak, you may request a leak adjustment on your water and/or sewer bill from Mallory Valley Utility District.

Once the leak has been repaired, you must submit a Plumber's Affidavit to Mallory Valley. The affidavit verifies the address of the property, the nature of leak and the date the leak was fixed. If you were not provided with a Plumber's Affidavit, please complete our Leak Adjustment Request Form.

Once we receive the Plumber's Affidavit, Mallory Valley will calculate your leak adjustment. Customers are allowed one leak adjustment per year for one month's billing cycle. Mallory Valley will calculate an average monthly usage for your account, based upon water usage for your account during at least three (3) billing cycles.

Your account will be credited $1.00 (plus tax) per 1,000 gallons of water used over your average monthly usage.  You are allowed one leak adjustment per year for one billing cycle.

If your sewer is provided by the City of Franklin, we will send the City a copy of your adjustment request.  The City will then process any applicable sewer adjustment.




** Irrigation Leak Adjustments **

Beginning in January 2009, Mallory Valley will not allow leak adjustments for irrigation systems.